We offer a variety of services to fit your professional and educational needs

Educational Instruction

  • Effective Teaching Pedagogy
  • Writing Effective Goals
  • Using Essential Questions to Guide Instruction
  • Examining Student Work


Coaching for Educators
  • Establishing a program using coaching as a means of sustained improvement
  • Group Coaching

Leadership Coaching

  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Improvement
  • Business Coaching
  • Planning


  • Performance Appraisals
  • Providing Actionable-Feedback
  • Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Effective Communication Strategies


Clear Communication


Innovative Ideas


Timely Support

Current Trainings

  • Writing goals as a way to promote school-wide learning communities
  • Motivation theory
  • Having hard conversations
  • Outcomes based coaching for educators
  • Change management